Leisure & Residential

Sussex Fibreglass and Plastics don’t only produce and supply to the corporate world, but also for leisure. SFP is famous among various circles for its quality results and affordable pricing.

Swimming Pools

Harbens Pool 4Fibreglass pool coatings offer a sensible alternative to standard painting, plastering or re tiling, fibreglass outlasts all other coatings if properly applied giving a long lasting permanent finish. Due to the nature of fibreglass their can also be a significant reduction in the cost of pool chemicals as Algea and the chemicals associated with domestic pool find it impossible to penetrate the fibreglass surface, making cleaning the pool much easier.

Koi Pond Lining

Click the image to see the process of building a Koi Pond Click the image to see the process of building a Koi Pond[/caption]“Why fibreglass?” and “Whom can I trust?”, are two of the most commonly asked questions when building a new pond or even refurbishing your existing pond.

Fibreglass may be a slightly more expensive option but there is a very good reason for that, the main one being – length of service which, if performed correctly, will give you a 20 to 25 year life span – possibly even more! Fibreglass also comes with all of the cosmetic advantages, namely the colour of your choice, with no unseemly folds around the top of your pond and the added bonus of easy maintenance. So when it comes to choosing the best company to laminate your pond, what exactly should you be looking for? Well that’s something that Sussex Fibreglass & Plastics can help you with.

100_1267Firstly check the company of your choice recent work history using photographs and references as well as asking exactly what service you are receiving for your money. Koi pond Fibreglass & plastic firms will price your pond on a square-meter basis, which should be in the region £30.00 to £32.00 per sm. In return for your money you should expect two layers of 450-gram chop strand matt followed by a layer of fine veil tissue. The resin used along side this matt will be polyester based and preferably a DCDP based resin, which has a great post cure rate within 24 hours as well as over the following days.

One simple thing that Sussex Fibreglass & Plastics have always done is to pigment the resin with the colour of your choice throughout the laminating process, which gives a far greater depth of colour even before the paint coat has been applied which also helps to maintain the colour of the pond for the years to come. Many other companies will laminate the pond with clear resin only applying the colour at the paint stage which in some cases can leave a translucent type of effect causing a rapid colour deterioration over the ensuing years.

IMG_0429One other important item to look for is the pre-treatment of all PVC pipe work, bottom drains and skimmers which need to be abraded prior to the application of Microseal (trade name) which is the only way to key these surfaces to guarantee a seal between the fibreglass and the plastic, which naturally will not adhere to each other creating a possible leak source.

Sussex Fibreglass & Plastics are a family run company with fibreglass experience stretching back 25 years. They are a trade member of the BKKS and have a pond history exceeding 200 ponds from 8 sq me up to 160 + sm. With this experience behind them, they know what level of service Koi keepers require, from tidy contained work areas through to the final paint finish, which is why they are now offering nationwide coverage – working with you in order to help you build your dream pond.

Automotive Projects

TR3A BlackWe have been involved with a wide range of Automotive projects, helping with initial development through to straightforward mould making and panel replacement, right through to complete body shells. As well as out basic services we do offer panel repair and replacement for historic racing vehicles that seem a bit more prone to damage and scrapes. After repair we can then take a mould to make the process easier if its likely to happen again. We can even organise getting the car stripped down for you if its not something you feel you would like to do.