Sussex Fibreglass and Plastics have been developing and working alongside major corporate companies for many years. Their expert knowledge of the trade, coupled with their desire for excellence and affordable pricing has enabled them to work alongside some major companies around the world.

Our range of GRP moulded products and their ultimate use’s has to be one of the most varied areas through the years. Our fibreglass industrial moulding capability has allowed us to produce cooling tower fan cases, heat exchanger water boxes as well as flight simulator motor covers. We reinforce our customer’s plastic fabricated items with a broad range of glass fibre in various thicknesses, colours and finished surfaces.

Flat Roofing and Light Housing

Adur-20120110-00257Fibreglass is a sensible and affordable roofing solution, and SFP have been able to work alongside some major projects for both the roofing and the light housing. One of the most recent cases was for Swan Walk Shopping Centre.

Just because you can’t see the leaks, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It’s a fact that traditional flat felt roofing begins to deteriorate sooner or later. Water begins to pool, the felt will start to lift and rip and let in the elements, and damp patches will appear on your ceilings. And if the problem isn’t tackled in time, you could have the added expense of interior repairs. Traditional flat felt roofs just aren’t designed to last. Don’t waste money on felt roof replacement, install fibreglass. With a fibreglass reinforced plastic roof, your roof will never leak again. More than this, it will be so strong that you will be able to walk on it. In fact, it will last for over 30 years.


IMG_0619Fan-Casings are a lightweight, double wall construction built to surround large cooling fans used in air-cooled steam condensers, often found above or below skyscrapers and large buildings in cities such as London. Just some of the companies that have employed SFP’s expert service for Fan-Casings: Shell, Total Fuels, Corus, Tatas Steel & Murco Petroleum Ltd.

Cooling Tower Lining

IMG_0827Much like the Fan-Casings, SFP are able to produce Cooling Tower lining which can dramatically increase the lifespan of a cooling unit rather than replacing it. SFP are able to produce and fit these linings and are always up for a challenge! Just two of the companies SFP have installed Cooling Tower Lining for: Aviva (St Helens) & Slough Power Station.

Piping and Extract Ducts

Aviva Tower Air-Con After LiningSFP pride themselves in the quality production of large piping and extract duct work. They are well-trained in how to produce custom items to fit projects that many would not attempt. SFP’s work with Piping and Extract Ducts enabled Southampton Hospital to achieve their project and Fitzpatrick Hochtief used SFP’s services to complete a new drainage system.

Underground Water Tanks

IMG_0307For some of the larger office blocks, underground water tanks can be huge. SFP now have experience in the creation and installation of such projects and, most recently, were able to create and install one for HSBC (Canada Square).